Regular visitors to the site will have noticed it’s been a while since my last blog post, sorry for the delay. The last few months have been super busy with work, a month long holiday and tying up final details on the home build. Rest assured, I’ve returned to Melbourne and back in action.

It’s with a great deal of joy I can report to you that construction on my new home commenced a little over a week ago. Preliminary earthworks are happening and the bored piers are already concreted into place with the slab due to be poured soon. Due to the heavy rain during the last fortnight the site is a bit of a bog, with deep tire marks where the heavy equipment has crossed.

Bored piers
Bored piers on my site

This weeks the underground power and drains are supposed to be laid, though the weather forecast  sees more rain on the way so I’m anticipating delays to that timeline. To be clear, none of these delays are the fault of Henley.

What's next on the blog?

In the coming weeks I’ll update the blog with more recent events. Up first will be a look at receiving the final contract from Henley.  I had a number of concerns that costs may blow out and you’ll find out if those fears were well founded.

Beyond that, as  my case moves from the admin side of the build and onto the construction phase, I’ll present my pre-construction report card on Henley’s performance up till now.

Obviously it is the construction phase of the build that will most interest visitors to this site. You can be assured I will have plenty to say about this phase of the build. In order to keep a close eye on the quality of Henley’s work I have engaged an independent building inspector to provide written reports to me at strategic intervals during the build. You will hear about any major problems that arise.

The next few months will be busy again as I juggle a new home build, another month long holiday and a hectic work schedule. In between all that I’ll do my best to keep you informed as the build progresses.

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