Henley 12 month inspection was today

May 24, 2024 Firstly, yes I know it’s been a while since my last post – I’ve been away from home for a number of months during the last year and when I’m here in Melbourne I’m working six days a week. I’ll try to do better 🙂 Before I fill you in on today’s […]

Henley: Water flows uphill

November 4, 2023  It’s been 7 months since handover almost to the day and Henley have finally decided to have a good go at fixing the drainage problems they created. Yesterday morning Henley sent over 2 licensed drainers and a mini excavator to repair the mess, sadly, they only repaired part of the problem.  The […]

Post handover report – 6 months

October 20, 2023 Time has flown since Henley handed me the keys to my new home. On handover day I was well aware that there was still some works that Henley still needed to complete – that’s pretty normal and it’s likely to be something most builders do. After all, when it’s relatively minor works […]

Henley really is incompetent.

Since my blog post detailing the drainage issues Henley left me with, I’d planned to add an Agi pipe along the front of my home to assist in evacuating the water that was ponding near the slab. In preparation for those works I came across a construction drawing which Henley was supposed to have followed.  […]

What I love about my Henley home

August 27, 2023 It’s almost 2 years since I paid my initial deposit to Henley beginning the process of knocking down my old house and rebuilding a brand-new home. Over those 2 years I’ve done my best to keep you informed on the trials and tribulations of the building process so I thought this week’s […]

Henley left drainage problems

August 5, 2023 During the construction phase of my home build Australia experienced a La Nina weather event which leads to wetter than usual conditions across Australia. With that in mind it should come as no surprise that my block was often very wet during my regular visits to site. This was the ponding across […]

We’ll be back after this short break…

If you think it’s been a little quiet on this website recently, you’d be right. I’ve been overseas for the last month and expect to fly back in a little over a week. There’s still plenty more to talk about when it comes to Building With Henley. I’ll keep you updated on my communication with […]

Post handover report – 1 month

Over the coming months I’ll share with you what’s happening in and around my new home. These reports will likely be every 3-6 months and will include any works Henley has conducted on site as well as improvements I’m making around home. Appliance install As mentioned in my post on handover day, my home had […]

Don’t expect your Henley home to be secure

Handover day is full of excitement. Sure, the site meeting with Henley’s site supervisor is pretty routine, but once you have your keys it’s on with the fun bit – moving in. My partner and I had a van full of our stuff parked nearby, ready for the big move.  At the site meeting I […]

Henley have handed over my new home.

April 11, 2023 It’s with a great deal of happiness that I can tell you that I’m writing this post while sitting in the lounge room of my new home. After frustratingly slow progress after the Xmas holiday period, Henley moved quickly after I prompted them with the following email: Following that email I received […]