Henley Showroom

Bathroom options

Not long after paying your initial deposit to Henley a colour appointment is organized which, under normal circumstances and assuming you’re in Victoria, takes place at Henley’s head office in the Melbourne suburb of Mount Waverley. Unfortunately for me, my colour appointment was done virtually via Microsoft Teams due to the COVID-19 related lockdown in […]

Tender Appointment

Tender header

Tender Appointment Tender Appointment It was with some trepidation that I went into my tender appointment as I has a nagging doubt that my “site costs” may blow out to a level that would put the financial viability of this project at risk. I needn’t have worried. Sam P was my consultant for the tender […]

September update

It’s not even 4 weeks since I paid my initial deposit to Henley however steady progress continues. A week ago I had a few dangerous trees removed and the place looks awful with it’s rotting fascias and generally unkempt appearance. Can’t wait to get moving on this project. Henley action Over the last 7

Colour appointment

*** The entire content of this post was lost in a website crash. I will rewrite the post in the next few weeks.*** A vital early step on the path to building a new home is the colour appointment, which for me happened a week ago. This meeting is where you decide on all those […]

Tree trouble

Buzz saw

My existing block contains a decrepit 70’s era house and many trees of various sizes, often poorly located very close to the house. These tree pose a number of problems for those who are considering a knockdown/rebuild (KDR). ** Due to a website crash at the start of 2022, this blog post was cut off […]


Building with Henley has not begun as smoothly as I’d imagined. Since my first post on August 31st I paid my second deposit on September 4th. On September 9th I get a email from my sales consultant, Anne, informing me that two items on my quote have been flagged as wrong by the “back-end. Naturally, […]

First day, first post

First post image

Yesterday marked a significant day in my life – it was the day I paid an initial deposit to one of Australia’s largest home builders, Henley, to get the ball rolling on a knockdown/rebuild of my existing home in Heathmont, Victoria. It was only this morning that I decided to create this blog in order […]