September 8, 2022

August has seen activities on site ramp up significantly, as you will see by August construction photos. To be brief, earthworks were completed early in the month and the form work/pre-slab work was completed a few days later. The slab got poured in the second week of August. Henley did a wonderful job of getting the frame up and the roof trusses on, this was all finished by the 31st.

Site leveled, bored piers seen.
Site leveled, bored piers seen. Ready to add the form work for the slab. In the background are the large polystyrene blocks used in the "waffle pod" slab design.

The first pic clearly shows the block level, bored piers in place, and now ready for the slab. The earthworks guys did a great job in completing the job considering the bad weather we experienced.

Formwork complete

Slab preparation
This pic was taken a few days before the slab pour and shows the form work mostly in place. Note the positioning of the polystyrene blocks for the waffle pod slab.
Polystyrene blocks
These polystyrene blocks form the guts of the waffle pod slab design.

These 2 pictures depict the prep work for the slab having been completed. Large polystyrene blocks are used and an integral part of the “waffle pod” slab design.

At this point I had an independent building inspector attend the site to assess the work so far. Assessment was on both quality of work and adherence to the engineering design set down in Henley’s construction drawings.

All of the items identified by the building inspector were of a minor nature and were easily rectified. Despite that, as of today, Henley have failed to respond in writing (As they told me they would do) to the items identified in the assessment.

Frame goes up

Construction photos
Here is a view across the front of the house. Refer to the Carmelle 25 floorplan for further details.

A link is provided here to Henley’s Carmelle 25 home design. Taking a look at the floorplan will assist in interpreting these photos.

Frame & roof trusses complete.

Clearly seen here is my new garage. I paid around $6K extra to make it 1.5m wider, while also adding the window at the front and roller door at the back.
Alfresco area
Looking in from the outside alfresco area to the lounge room

As can be seen from the photos, great progress has been made in August. The slab pour went well and the guys erecting the frame did an exceptionally good job. Again, especially so with the bad weather we experienced.

The frame stage is now complete and I have just made the progress payment on that stage. Henley notified me on September 2nd, 2022, that the fascia, gutter and roof cover are next to commence.

As I am currently overseas, my friend Rob W, was kind enough to take many of these photos for me. I’d like to thank Rob, and the Henley onsite crew for allowing Rob onto site to take the photos.

If you haven’t done so already, check out my construction photos from July.

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