January 10, 2023

Despite the construction industry winding down for the annual Xmas holiday period, good gains were made in the available time. Construction activities are not expected to recommence until January 16, 2023.

December saw the completion of the brick work and the rendering of the facade at the front of the house. The eaves were also completed and the exhaust fans from the showers/toilets were installed.
Brick work is nearing completion in this pic.
The last of the bricks finally laid. All that was left for the Bricky to do was a final clean.
Eaves were completed as was the facade. When the scaffold is removed the house will look great.
Boring photo, i know, but importantly, the ducts for the heating, aircon and exhaust fans have been fully installed. 90% of the light switches, downlights and power points have been installed with the wiring completed on the appliance end. Terminating the other end of the wires inside the meter box remains to be completed.
Powder room sink installed over 40mm Caesarstone
Tiling in the ensuite is complete. I hope Henley repaired the dirty base sealant before they laid the tiles.
Henley has been conducting a termite treatment during the Xmas holiday period.
This concrete plinth is for the aircon unit, The pipes and elctric wires are ready to go. Also pictured is the orange shroud around the perimeter of the house. This covers the termite treatment pipes.
As you can see, the kitchen is nearing completion. The sink is in but the appliances may not go in until settlement (I think) due to their high value to thieves. Sad but true.

If you take a look at last months construction photos you’ll see significant progress has been made. To give greater context, these photos should be viewed alongside the matching project update

My project is approaching the final phase of construction. The largest of the remaining jobs is laying the timber floors and carpets in the bedrooms. These jobs would complete in just a few days for experienced installers but I’m expecting timelines to be dependent on availability of the requisite trades and Henley’s organizational skills.

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