August 3, 2022

It’s been a long journey.  From signing on with Henley at the end of August 2021, to reaching the construction phase of my build. On July 12th the site cut began on the most exciting part of my journey.

During the construction phase of my build I plan to release monthly photos to show you what you can expect if this was your build.

This shot gives an overview of my block in July 2022. You can see from the boggy conditions that there has been a lot of rain

The shot above gives an overview across most of the block. As you can see there has been loads of rain recently. This has slowed the progress of the build, and this, of course, is not the fault of Henley.

This shot offers a view of the early drainage works. Also seen is the electrical box. Cables and ducts have been run from the power pit.
Barricade around LPOD

Not included in my Tender or my final contract, there was no official LPOD, or Legal Point Of Discharge for my storm water. This $5000 cost was added to my price via a post contract variation. A couple of week later I got a rude shock when Henley sent me a variation for another $5K – for parking permits !

Underneath the LPOD barricade. Presumably there'll be a pit installed, or poured in the next couple of weeks.

Pouring of the slab was due at the end of July however rain has extended that date. Henley emailed me today to indicate that the pour is likely in the second week of August. I’ll post photos of that in early September.

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