December 9, 2022

Cupboards, vanities and benches have been installed in all rooms.

A flurry of activity took place inside the house in the first couple of week in November and about 2 weeks ago the first brick was laid. Further details were provided in November’s project update.

Doors were removed, windows masked up and benches were covered in preparation for painting.
All tiles were on site by the start of the month. Door jams arrived as flat packs.
These are the colors I selected for the walls and skirting boards. I took my inspiration from the Carmelle 25 display home at the Minta Estate. The painters also did a good job painting the concrete floor.
The bricklayer is working alone and is getting an incredible amount of work done each day. The quality of the work looks good too.
When the bricks arrived on site I began to worry that I'd chosen the wrong color. Now that they are going up I'm completely happy with the color.

One of the things I did right early on was travel out to the Austral Bricks Design Centre in the Melbourne suburb of Lynbrook. On that site I was able to see a few of the bricks I liked installed on a small wall. It definitely helps to visualize what the bricks would like on my home. I recommend a visit before your color appointment.

The weatherproof sarking was missing from the dining room wall since September. Do you think the insulation and plasterboard could get wet from recent rain?
This photo would suggest the wall would get wet. The photo was taken during a light shower.
The weatherproof sarking had been missing since September 2022. I had asked for the problem to be addressed a number of times and pointed out that the plasterboard you see here could get wet in the heavy storms we've experienced lately. Henley did nothing until I provided them a photo of the wet plasterboard. A week later I got the letter from the Henley OH&S Manager. Coincidence?

On a sour note, there was some dispute with Henley on the subject of the missing sarking and it’s affect on rain soaked plasterboard. This was detailed in the frame stage inspection report. In my view, the plasterboard should never have gone up until the sarking was finished.

A few days after this dispute I got a letter from Henley restricting my access to site.

To add balance, I should add that I am super happy with 99% of the work that has been completed so far.

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