November 14, 2022

There’s been a lot going on in my life in recent weeks  so I’m a little late with the construction photos this month. As you’ll see there has been significant progress made in October, especially early in the month. Later in the month there were delays due to rectification works following my independent building inspection.

Gas ducted heating
The gas ducted heating is in place.

As you would have seen from the cover photo, the Colorbond roof is on and the gas ducted heating has been hoisted into the roof. Would have been a fun job…

Pink bats
Early in the month the "Pink Bats" were delivered to site.
The "Pink Bats" have been installed throughout the house, including a few areas exposed to rain. See the inspection report for details.
Plasterboard went up a week or so after the independent building inspection. Pictured beside the cornice on the ground is the water / electrical services rising fro the under slab ducts. These are for the island bench in the kitchen.
Plaster is up in every room. Notice the different grade between the ensuite and master bedroom.
Second bathroom has plaster too.
Poly pipes for all taps

Once upon a time there would have been copper pipe running all through a new home connecting all the taps to the mains. Now it appears they’ve found a clever, and no doubt faster way of making those connections. The hoses and fittings well made and durable.

This photo was taken a few days ago and highlights a problem I have mentioned to Henley a few times - plasterboard and insulation exposed to weather. As I type there is a huge thunderstorm in Melbourne. Do you think this would get soaked? The piece of missing insulation has been gone a number of weeks and probably blew away.

Since my September update Henley have made good progress and pleasingly, most of the work appeared to be of a high quality. Momentum has so far continued into November and I look forward to sharing pictures with you on the next update.

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