Concrete slab complete

A major milestone was reached on Thursday August 11th – the concrete slab was successfully poured. Henley invoiced me for the base progress payment before the first concrete truck arrived. Make of that what you will.

Bored piers completed

The bored piers are needed to stabilize the concrete slab. They are bored (drilled) into the ground, re-enforced, then concreted. There is a photo of them here

Construction begins

On site construction finally begins with the site cut/fill and set out. Check photos here

Transferred to construction

This was the day my file was internally transferred from Henley admin, to construction. About bloody time.

Power pit installed

If you are unfortunate enough to be dealing with AusNet, you should set low standards, then you won’t be disappointed. Just hopeless.

Builders insurance received

Receiving the builders insurance is important for a number of reasons, at this stage I needed it for my finance company,

Contract signed

This was the day I finally signed my building contract. Read more here