Following on from my Colour Selection and Tender appointments, early last week I had my final appointment with Henley for 2021, in fact, it’s probably the last until my old house is knocked down at the end of January. 

On this occasion it was my Electrical Appointment and yet again COVID-19 protocols dictated that the meeting would be online. My host for this meeting was the friendly, Jocelyn. 

Like the colour appointment, this meeting requires you to take some time to think about your requirements of all things electrical. Will you choose an electrical pack? How many downlights will you need? Where would you like those lights to be positioned in each room? Do you want a CCTV system? 

To facilitate an easy meeting Henley will send you an email approximately a week before your appointment with a number of files attached to help you make an informed choice, so it’s important you go over them prior to the meeting. 


Attached to my email was an example drawing in plan view (looking from above, down.) with various electrical components (such as power points or lights) marked on the drawing to indicate their position. To facilitate your curiosity, I have included the one Henley provided me. You can find it here.

A blank plan is also provided (it has Henley’s recommended mark up on it) for you to mark your own positions. This completed form must be emailed to Henley a few days before your appointment to give them time to respond to any concerns you may have. 

In addition, in the spirit of demystifying the building process while facilitating informed choices, I will continue to provide you with inside info that no other website delivers. 

The Electrical Selections Guide is a picture-based representation of the electrical choices on offer. Next is the Electrical Options Price list. No prizes for guessing what that is about. 

My Electrical Appointment went very well even though I did not go with all of Henley’s pre-planned selections.  

Most variations were just changing the number or position of downlights, though a more expensive change was adding 3 phase power to my garage. This will allow for an electric car “fast charger” in the future. 

Next stop: Demolition 

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