January 15, 2022

On November 18, 2022 I had an independent building inspector conduct a Waterproofing/Fix audit of Henley’s work. What follows is a copy of that report, along with some of my comments and observations.

Please note, the following reports should not be copied or downloaded in any way.

For privacy reasons, some details have been deleted.

The report

This page is important to understand.

These first items were part of an even larger problem with the weatherproof sarking dating back to September 2022. If you have been reading my monthly updates this has been discussed before. In fact, those discussions led Henley to attempt to block my access to the site.

As at the date of publication item 4 has not been completed.

If you read the previous Audit Report you will notice that many of the defects from that report remain outstanding.

Despite paying the "Lock Up" & "Fixing" stage progress payments, there remains missing skirting boards in the master bedroom and garage. The bath should have been installed and the front entry door still does not have a lock fitted to it, so anyone can walk inside.
Check out what item 16 looks like as of the day of publication.
Item 16 a few days before Xmas.
This image of item 16 was taken on the date of publication. The bath has been installed above the pit and this is the condition that Henley left the under the bath cavity. I'm a tradie too, but I'd have too much pride in my work to leave a job looking like this.
Do you think Henley will clean under the bath before covering the hole? In fact, do you think they will repair the hole before they tile over it?
This image depicts the ensuite shower base mentioned in item 17. This photo was taken days before the tiles were laid on top.
Would you expect this item to be addressed before the tiles were laid?

Notes and the obligatory disclaimers.

Henley's response

It’s been almost 2 months since Henley received a copy of the audit report and as at the date of publication they have not responded. Given the importance of some of the defects identified, corrective action and evidence of that action should have already been provided to me.

Summing up

The audit report references the Victorian Building Authority’s Guide to Standards and Tolerances, this document is a useful reference when you read this report and in dealing with your own builder

Many of the defects identified in this report and the previous one have been covered over which makes it difficult, if not impossible for me to check. Bear this in mind before you choose Henley as your builder.

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