February 21, 2023

In a series of emails it has emerged that my home is nearing completion. A few days ago I was invited to attend a “Pre Handover Walk Through”, which I will attend on March 7th.

Until a few days ago I have been preparing a case to take Henley to VCAT over their continued obstruction of my lawful access to my site. As the completion of my home is so close I will save myself the time and expense by discontinuing legal avenues.

As previously mentioned, I have a number of quality control issues with my build, none of them insurmountable, but all of them I wish to have addressed. As I have lost trust in the site supervisor, Steve*, I have requested an onsite meeting with the construction manager. I’ll let you know how it goes.

From my understanding, there is little left for Henley to complete in the construction process. That said, I now have a ton of work to do to prepare myself for the day I move in. Soon I will return to Melbourne from my overseas holiday and I’ll need to hit the ground running. My job is super busy right now and between organizing removalists, attending meetings with Henley, and organizing the next holiday, my weeks are going to be hectic. Stay turned for the next exciting step.

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