August 31, 2022

Construction has been under way for a little over 6 weeks now and I’m pleased to report that Henley are doing a great job of progressing my home. Melbourne has seen many more rain days in August than we’d usually receive, so on that basis, Henley have done particularly well.


Early August saw the concrete slab get poured. The pour was 12 days behind schedule, but this was entirely understandable due to the heavy rains in late July

On the day prior to the pour I had an independent building inspector take a look at the formwork, re-enforcing, and layout in comparison with the engineering drawings supplied by Henley. Pleasingly, the inspector found only minor issues, all of which were easy to rectify.

The slab was poured on August 11th and Henley wasted no time getting the invoice to me for the base stage progress payment – it arrived in my inbox before the concrete truck arrived on site.


A week after the slab pour I had to head overseas for a few days. When I returned I payed a visit to site to see if there was any progress since the slab pour. To my surprise, the frame was well on the way to being built. I had a lengthy conversation with a couple of the tradies on site and let them know how pleased I was with the work that had been complete. They really had done a great job.

Henley’s Project Planner for my site, **B, let me know that the frame stage is expected to be competed this Friday, September 2nd. As I type this I am again overseas, but I do have friends and family regularly driving past the site to give me updates.

All in all, up until this point in time I am extremely happy with all the work Henley have completed onsite. Not only have they managed to complete the work in good time, they are also doing a quality job.

Site photos for August will be uploaded to the site in the next few days. Photos from July are available here.

But wait, there's more...

It’s plain to see from my words above that I am very happy with the job Henley are doing on site so far.  Unfortunately, there is much dialogue between Henley and myself going on behind the scenes that I am very annoyed about.

When I am in a position to do so, I intend to report to you exactly what is being said between Henley and myself. Keep your eyes on this site in the next few weeks for all the gory details.

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