November 1, 2022

After a somewhat disappointing month in September, onsite activities ramped up in October with most of the work being completed in the first 2 weeks of the month. During those first 2 weeks of the month the Colorbond roof was completed. As was the case last month, I received a second Letter of Delay from Henley citing Covid –19 impacts, this time the delay was only a few days. 

Along with the roof completion, most of the electrical cables have been roughed in from the meter box to the various power points and switches throughout the house. All of the gas and plumbing lines have been roughed in too. The bricks were onsite from the start of the month. 

On Thursday 13th of October, I had my second independent building inspection conducted and the auditor discovered 26 items that appeared defective. There was no onsite progress at all in the week following the pre-plaster inspection. Toward the end of the second week post inspection, I received a written response to the inspection from Henley. I will publish the full inspection report later this week along with Henley’s written response. Judge for yourself if Henley’s response would satisfy you. 

During the second week post inspection all of the plaster was affixed to the walls and ceiling, including the wet areas. Also, late in the month the wall and floor tiles were delivered to site and will presumably be fitted after I organize a wet-area building inspection. 

Brickwork was due to commence on October 20 but that appears to have been delayed by the rectification works following the inspection report. Hopefully that ramps up this month. 

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