October 1, 2022

Following on from my bullish project update  for August, September has seen a disappointing slowdown in onsite activity. Early in the September the frame stage was completed, including the roof trusses. Like last month, Henley did not waste a minute getting the invoice for the frame stage progress payment into my email inbox.

On September 2, I received an email from *B*, Henley’s project planner for my home, in it she stated that the fascia, gutter and roof cover were scheduled to commence the next week. As of today, only the fascia and gutters have been completed. It’s fair to say that I am disappointed in the progress this month.

Delay Letter

Except for the last few days, I was overseas for the entire month of September so keeping up to date on exactly what was happening onsite was through friends who would occasionally drop by my place and email me some photos.

September 16 saw another update from *B* advising that the scaffold install as well as the  fascia and gutter was scheduled to commence that week, the roof cover the next. Because I was distracted overseas, I didn’t pick up on the fact that there was precisely nothing done on site between September 2nd and 16th.

Eleven days later, just as I was arriving back in the country, I was surprised to receive at letter of delay from Henley. In it they claimed that “due to industry shortages of Colorbond roofing due to the impact of Covid-19” my project had been delayed by 13 days. I will write more about this letter in the coming days and will provide a link.

Henley construction disappoints

For the first time since my project was transferred to the construction side of Henley, I felt let down. Construction delays are inevitable, especially as we are still experiencing the delays due to Covid, but to my mind, it’s inexcusable to not inform me of the delays until the end of the month. 

To make matters worse, the gutters and fascia, a relatively tiny part of the project, were not fully competed by the end of the month. There has been a chippies on site doing a little of the “roughing in” of the shower/bath bases and the 2 shower carcasses are installed. All told, I’d guess that about one week of work for 2-3 guys was completed for the month. Not really good enough in my opinion. Let’s hope there’s an improvement in October.

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