Project update – March 2023

April 1, 2023 Henley have gone into liquidation… April Fool ! Alright, it was a poor joke… Before I start on the March update I want to touch on the terrible news yesterday that one of Henley’s competitors has gone into liquidation. As someone who is currently going through a build, I can only imagine […]

Final building inspection report

March 26, 2023 On March 7, 2023, my Completion Stage building inspection was conducted. As at the date of publication there has been no formal response from Henley, though I did attend a site meeting with Henley’s construction manager and site supervisor to discuss the report. To add context to the below report it is […]

Here’s how Henley responded to my latest building inspection

January 15, 2022 On November 18, 2022 I had an independent building inspector conduct a Waterproofing/Fix audit of Henley’s work. What follows is a copy of that report, along with some of my comments and observations. Please note, the following reports should not be copied or downloaded in any way. For privacy reasons, some details […]

Project update – November 2022

December 5, 2022 November was a relatively busy month onsite with the brickwork beginning in the second half of the month, that should be completed in the next week, weather permitting. The bricklayer is doing a great job and the results will speak for themselves. Inside the house there was a flurry of activity early […]

Independent building inspection – here’s what they found.

November 6, 2022 ** Up front disclaimer** Posting this report is not posted to in any way defame any person at all. Every effort has been made to redact all individuals named in these reports and if I have missed any please report them to me via the contact us page so they can be […]

Why I employed an Independent Building Inspector

October 27, 2022 It costs a pile of money to build a new home, and there’s plenty of risks to be considered well before you decide on a builder. Some of those risks are detailed in an earlier blog post, while others are not quite so obvious. Luckily for me I happen to be a […]