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Tender Appointment

It was with some trepidation that I went into my tender appointment as I has a nagging doubt that my “site costs” may blow out to a level that would put the financial viability of this project at risk. I needn’t have worried. 

Sam P was my consultant for the tender appointment and I couldn’t have been in better hands. Right from the get-go the affable Sam P put me at ease with his relaxed manor and detailed explanations. 

The tender is a vital step along the path to building a home where all of the cost involved get tallied up and explained in detail, before presenting a final, total dollar cost. 

Going into the meeting it was site costs that concerned me most. When you approach the various building companies for a quote to build a house on your land, site costs are the figures that are most opaque. Site costs is a subject I’ll discuss in detail in a future post. 

Apart from site costs and the base price of the home you chose, the other major cost is for the coloor/style selections that you select at your colour appointment. Depending on what you select, these can be a significant cost.  

In my case, the big-ticket items I selected were: ducted air conditioning(>$10K); Timbertop flooring ($10K); increased ceiling height ($5K); a garage extension ($7K). These were only the larger items, there was plenty of other upgrades too. 

When the final figure was reached, I was around $10K higher than I’d anticipated. Sam was patient with me and I managed to knock around $5K off that figure by deleting a few selections and downgrading one slightly 

Any changes you want to the document are made by your consultant within an hour of your appointment ending. When you are happy with the document you are ready, if you choose, to sign the tender document. 

When you sign the tender, your third deposit ($1650) will be due for payment to Henley. If you are doing a knockdown re-build (KDR) like me, the next major step is to demolish your existing home. 

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