October 9, 2022

Disappointingly, construction activities slowed down significantly from the bumper months of July and August. Two of my recent blog post detailed the reasons for the lack of meaningful activity. They can be found here, and here

To assist you picturing what the house will look like I have provided a link to the Carmelle 25 on Henley’s website…

The windows were delivered early in the month

As I was overseas for almost the entire month of September I was fortunate enough to have a friend drop by to take some pics for me. Credit to Rob W for most of the photos this month.

View from the street at the start of the month. Deep ruts are evident on the front naturestrip.

Pictured above is 3 pipes sticking out where my island bench will be in my kitchen. Further on is the lounge and through the opening on the right is the theater room. You can see the windows have been fitted, albeit temporarily.

Gutters are in place with temporary downpipes too. You can also see that the weatherproof wrap has been installed.
View from the rear of the house looking along the side of the house. Not the safety barriers in preparation for the roof install.
View of theater room. This side of the house gets a lot of sunlight and I plan to install plantation shutters to this window.
This is the bathroom with the bath support frame and shower niche in place
Something big was delivered late in the month. It was fully sealed in plastic so I'm uncertain exactly what it is, but I do suspect that it's plaster board.
Looking in from the front yard into the master bedroom window.

Hopefully October sees a flurry of activity on site. I’m hoping Henley make up for lost time and get moving on the brick work, though, there’s been plenty of rain this week. That’s all for this months construction pics.

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