August 10, 2022

Some of you may have noticed that this website has looked a little different for a few days. The truth is one of the plugins which help to run this website crashed and took the entire website down for a day or so.

When I discovered the problem I managed to get the site back online within a couple of hours, though a few problems still exist.

Website crash

The most noticeable for regular viewers is that the blog feed at the foot of the site has disappeared. At first I thought I’d lost all blog posts into the digital abyss, thankfully they are all there on the backend of the site. At this stage I haven’t worked out how to return the blog feed to the homepage.

My work around is to provide the blog posts in the new “Blog” menu at the top of the screen or I may just provide an archive feed. If you are reading this now these measures have worked.

Other issues such as the red “Building With Henley” lettering at the top left of screen have magically appeared out of nowhere. Sadly, the custom site logo has disappeared. All of these problems will be addressed as soon as I get the time.

There’s lots happening on site right now, which is taking up some of my spare time but I’ll do my best to add a new blog post this week…


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