November 6, 2022

** Up front disclaimer** Posting this report is not posted to in any way defame any person at all. Every effort has been made to redact all individuals named in these reports and if I have missed any please report them to me via the contact us page so they can be removed

The purpose of posting this report is to detail my experience only and every effort has been made to remain as objective as possible. YMMV.

One more thing, the following reports should not be copied or downloaded in any way.

As promised last week, the full building inspection report is attached, along with the full formal response from Henley, along with  few of my own comments. The inspection was conducted by New Home Inspections. To assist in reading this post on mobile devices I have broken up both the report and the response and grouped the relevant pages together to make it easier to read. Warning – this is a very long post



The defect list and Henley response

## Item 2 explanation continues on the image below

**My comments**

On the date  I received the response from Henley I drove past the site and observed that all of the plasterboard sheets have been fixed to all walls and ceilings. As of the date of publication items 1 & 2 have not been rectified.

The upper portion of the north wall of the garage and part of the dining room remain fully exposed to the elements. That includes the newly laid plasterboard. Please read the explanation of the building code for item 2 (image above and below) and ask yourself if the plasterboard should have been laid when the problems identified have not been rectified?

## Explanation of item 4 continues on the image below
## Explanation of item 6 continues on the image below

**My comments**

It remains unclear to me why Henley flagged item 6 as N/A. It’s possible the auditor was wrong about that item ( or any for that matter ) but no further explanation is given by Henley. Do you think N/A is an adequate response?

## Explanation of item 8 continues on the next image
## Explanation of item 10 continues on next image
##Explanation of item 15 continues on the image below

**My comment**

Item 13 – is this a structural issue that has been identified? Would you expect photographic evidence that this item was fixed prior to the plasterboard covering the problem? I had no chance to check this one.

**My comment**

Item 14 appears to show a possible major structural problem. Take a look at the official response from Henley. Do you think N/A is an adequate response to the problem identified?

## Explanation for item 17 continues on the image below
## Explanation for item 19 continues on the image below
##Explanation of item 22 is continued on the image below. This one is well worth noting.
##Explanation of item 24 continues on next image

The boring bit...

The following are Ts & Cs from NHI and are only added for clarity.


NHI inspectors are paid to find even the most mior of defects and the report you’ve read should be viewed through that lens, after all, every builder would have some defects. With all that said, what do you think about the response from Henley to each item? I will let you draw your own conclusion to that.

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